Mint Building, St Andrews Square, Edinburgh

Raeburn Construction were subcontracted by ISG  to form new basements within an existing Venetian building and a further existing building which was demolished to ground level. One of the many challenges was retaining the existing facade on the Venetian building. There were many issues encountered during the construction. Almost every element of the design was altered causing delays and budget increases throughout the project, many of these due to unforeseen circumstances relating to the previous building substructures which involved increased workload for Raeburn Construction.

Raeburn Construction scope of works included:

  • Major service exploration
  • Major internal excavation and disposal
  • Foundations installation and alteration
  • Drainage
  • Basement floor slabs
  • Basement retaining walls
  • Waterproofing
  • Upper floor slabs
  • Service installations
  • Hard landscaping

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